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Proudly Serving the Community of the Inland Empire.

Welcome to the Tri-County Dental Hygienists' Society Offical website. Here you can find information on our interests, projects, mission, and activities. Apart from this official website we are also visible online through Facebook.

our Mission
To improve the public’s total health, to advance the art and science of dental hygiene by increasing the awareness of the cost effective benefits of prevention and ensuring access to quality oral health care; promoting the highest standards of dental hygiene education, licensure, practice and research; and promoting the interests of dental hygienists.

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Our Purpose
This component exists for the Dental Hygienists’ to share common interests, activities, education and institutions in fellowship with their professional colleagues.

    Our mutual goals include:
  • To represent the profession of dental hygiene
  • To provide optimal oral health care to the public
  • To improve the quality of the work life for the Dental Hygienist

Any dental hygienist who holds a certificate or degree in dental hygiene granted pursuant to a dental hygiene program which has a minimum of two academic years of curriculum provided in a college or institution of higher education the program of which is recognized by the United States Department of Education and/or an appropriate national voluntary agency, or who is licensed to practice dental hygiene in the United States under the provision of a “grandfather clause”; who is licensed to practice in any state . . .


Tri-County Dental Hygienists' Society is a component of the California Dental Hygienists' Association.

As a reminder you now have the option to join CDHA ONLY which still includes membership to your local component.


Becoming a Licensed Hygienist in California
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*NEW: 401k Statements, IKEA, & Dental Infection Control: The importance of human content for a human audience

Have you reviewed your 401K performance this year? Have you taken the time to go through all of your credit cards to see which ones have the highest interest rate and should be eliminated?
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Event Updates

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Tri-County Dental Hygienists' Society MEMBERS! We Need Your Help


Positions Both Big and Small

Each spring TCDHS has a call for nominations for board members and committee volunteers. Members are encouraged to nominate colleagues or themselves.


Mentor slowly into the position of president for the 2018-2019 year

President-Elect · One Year Term - this succeeds into the President's position for one year.

  1. Perform duties in common
  2. Attend monthly board meetings; if unable to attend send report to President and Secretary prior to the meeting
  3. Submit reports in writing when possible to facilitate Board business
  4. Member of the liaison committee to the local dental society
  5. Be prepared to perform the duties of the President, in the event of vacancy or absence
  6. Serve as committee resource as directed by the President

Vice-President of Continuing Education

Work With the Board to Schedule Relevant CE Courses!

Vice President · One Year Term

  1. Attend monthly board meetings
  2. Submit reports in writing when possible to facilitate board business
  3. Schedule and format general/ evening C.E. dinner meetings:
    1. Location acquisition
    2. Speaker/Topic acquisition - send out speaker agreement/ confirmation
    3. Food selection/ audiovisual coordination
    4. Duplicate necessary meeting handouts
    5. Oversee course sign-in and C.E. certificate distribution
    6. Keep track of course numbers and meeting records

Facebook/Website Administrator

Help us grow our social media following!

Appointed by the President

  1. Attend monthly board meetings if possible
  2. Post weekly articles and local events to our facebook page and website


Ways & Means Volunteers

Work with the Ways & Means Chair

Appointed by the President

  1. Work with Ways & Means Chairperson to raise funds for our organization
  2. Attend monthly board meetings if able


Hospitality Chair & Volunteers

Supervise registration!

Appointed by the President

  1. Work closely with the VP of CE
  2. Supervise registration at CE events



Tell our history in pictures!

Appointed by the President

  1. Attend monthly board meetings
  2. Attend our events and take pictures
  3. Submit pictures to the facebook/website administrator for posting


Currently Filled Positions

  1. President - Akta Amin
  2. Trustee - Reina Wong
  3. Treasurer - Sulma Valencia
  4. Secretary - Wendy Dull
  5. Membership Chair - Zoe Milke
  6. Ways and Means Chair- Robyn Wirth
  7. Sponsorship Chair - Teri Heilbron
  8. Social Chair - Leah Reagan


Submit interest through email to

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Meade

(updated: November 21 2017)


  (updated 11/21/2017)

Look for our newsletters on our website. The TCDHS newsletter is published quarterly with information about our community, conferences and seminars, and other special events.

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Show Us Your Purple 2017

Hu‑Friedy gears up for the annual hygiene pride week

This year, Hu‑Friedy is excited to launch the fifth annual Show Us Your Purple Week during National Dental Hygiene Month. Show Us Your Purple Week was From October 16-20, Hu‑Friedy proudly shows off its purple see the dental hygiene site.  Show us your purple or our Events Page


Did you know that 1 in 3 surveyed adults suffers from bleeding gums?1 In another survey, 75% of adults with bleeding gums took no action.2 Without regular brushing and dental visits, these patients could be at risk for more severe gum disease.

Introducing new parodontax™—a twice-daily toothpaste specifically designed to help in the fight against gingival bleeding. Clinically proven to reduce plaque, inflammation, and bleeding gums, parodontax™ toothpaste is specifically formulated to help patients maintain their optimal gum health between dental visits.3

New parodontax™ toothpaste is clinically proven to
reduce gingival bleeding by 40%
after 24 weeks vs sodium monofluorophosphate toothpaste*3


Sincerely, GSK Consumer Healthcare Oral Care Team




*With twice-daily brushing.

  1. Data on file. GSK, Oral Care Categories Omnibus, February 2015.
  2. Data on file. GSK, Segments Demographic Profile, July 2015.
  3. Data on file. GSK, Study RH01823.
  4. Data on file. GSK, Study RH01515. January 2014.

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Being a member has its perks!

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Join CDHA today!

CDHA Announces special edition of The Journal

  (Added 9/5/2017)

The Journal by CDHA is seeking testimonials from current members who are now benefiting from the group disability and life insurance and California Casualty insurance offerings – auto, home, etc. for distribution to non-members.

If you have a story to tell about how the availability of these benefits has positively affected you and/or your family, will you please share those thoughts by sending a message directly to If you don’t have a story to share but know of a member of your component who does, please share this message with them.

Interested in speaking at a CDHA event?

Have a recommendation for a course or seminar?


Hello CDHA Members:

The Professional Development Council is creating a CDHA Member Speaker List for 2017-2018 and beyond. Speaker Lists are referenced throughout the year to plan CE and educational sessions for CDHA and the CDHA Components.

If you would like to be referenced on the CDHA Speaker List, please send the following to Eva Adams at

  1. Course title:
  2. Course description:
  3. Course objectives:
  4. Expenses:

Thank you,
Brenda Kibbler, RDH, RDHAP, BHSc
Professional Development Council Chair, CDHA

CDHA Financial Wellness Program

  (Added 10/11/2017)

Dental Hygiene school introduces students to the basics of retirement and financial planning. However, when you finally land the dream job, many employers do not offer benefits, let alone a retirement plan for dental hygienists.

CDHA has partnered with Ameriprise Financial to offer a financial wellness program for its members. CDHA and Ameriprise Financials' objective is to assist members in their financial goals. Whether it's savin for a house, a car, or retirement, CDHA's financial wellness program is here to help!

Contact Ameriprise Financial for your complimentary initial consultation to start your financial planning today.

CDHA Announces Partnership!

" CDHA is proud to announce a partnership with California Casualty.

California Casualty's motto "We're Here to Provide Protection for American Heroes fits perfectly in line with CDHA's mission. California Casualty currently provides insurance services for educators and educational support professionals, higher education employees, firefighters and EMS, peace officers, nurse, nurse practitioner, and NOW California Dental Hygienists!

If you need insurance there are other programs but they do not offer GROUP rates."


CDA Premitted Duties

California Dental Association

Practice Support


Regulatory Compliance

CDA Practice Support is designed to help you navigate the business side of dentistry with ease. It's chock full of valuable resources to help you do everything from starting a new practice to creating your own employee manual to choosing the right dental benefit plans.

Along with the latest news, trending topics, important regulatory deadlines, and our Ask an Expert service, we provide everything you need to run your practice.

Find something you'd like to know more about? The resources in this section are for CDA Members only.

Tables of Permitted Duties
  1. The functions which Dental Assistants (DA), Registered Dental Assistants (RDA), Registered Dental Assistants in Extended Functions (RDAEF), Orthodontic Assistants (OA), and Dental Sedation Assistants (DSA) are allowed to perform in California.
  2. The duties Registered Dental Hygienists (RDH), Registered Dental Hygienists in Extended Functions (RDHEF), and Registered Dental Hygienists in Alternative Practice (RHDAP) are allowed to perform. These tables are intended to provide summary information to interested parties.

Tables of Permitted Duties is not intended to cover all aspects of applicable laws or provide a substitute for reviewing the laws that are cross-referenced in the provided link below. It is highly recommended that applicants and licensees review the actual text of the laws cited at the link provided below.
Read Duties  »
CAl DPA 2hr 2017

[Document Date: 1/9/2017]


  1. It’s required for re-licensure
  2. The DPA regulates & defines dental practice limits, dedicated to protecting public
  3. Updates

  4. What's covered:
  5. Licensure / renewal
  6. The Dental Board, how to communicate
  7. DPA
  8. Committees
  9. Violations

  11. Definition of dentistry, specialties
  12. Foreign dental schools, dentists
  13. Education, qualifications, exams
  14. Special permits
  15. Restorative materials (give fact sheet)
  16. Radiation safety
  17. Diversion (addiction recovery without losing license)
IC Cal Handout

Infection Control Regulations


Training Record

The training includes the general California State Board required topics, with the
expectations that site-specific follow-up training to be conducted at the attendees’
workplaces to complete the information that is specific to each workplace (Course
objectives in attached link):




The NEW CDHA has been working for you to create new benefit programs!
In order to continually provide increased member benefits, CDHA has rolled out several new member programs for the 2017 year INCLUDING new insurance offerings.

Review at your convenience and contact CDHA Central Office with any questions on membership benefit programs.

Click here to download the Member Benefits Brochure.

Disability & Life Insurance

Outstanding insurance coverage is vital to the dental hygienist.

CDHA has teamed up with Association Benefits Online, an online association insurance benefits program to provide disability and term life insurance to CDHA Members.

Click here to learn more

Additional Insurance Coverages coming to CDHA in 2017

- Liability Insurance
- Errors and Omissions Insurance
- Automobile, Motorcycle
- Recreational Vehicle Insurance
- Homeowners Insurance
- Renters Insurance
- Condominium and Townhome Insurance
- Umbrella Liability
- Flood Insurance
- Pet Insurance
- Earthquake Insurance
...Stay tuned for more info!


Broaden Your Knowledge and Continuing Education

CDHA sponsors scientific sessions in the spring and fall featuring nationally recognized speakers, student table clinics with exhibit hall, in addition to providing continuing education. Local components also sponsor CE programs keeping members current with the state continuing education requirements and informed on the latest developments in the dental hygiene profession.

Combined with the local components and home study courses, CDHA offers 225 CE units per year! These CE units are either highly discounted or complimentary to CDHA members. Staying informed of your industry's trends will only help you in the long-run and will put you one step ahead of the competition!


Treating Gingivitis

A mechanism for treating those with moderate to severe gingivitis and no attachment loss

CDT 4346: scaling in the presence of generalized moderate or severe gingival inflammation - full mouth, after oral evaluation

The removal of plaque, calculus and stains from supra- and sub-gingival tooth surfaces when there is generalized moderate or severe gingival inflammation in the absence of periodontitis. It is indicated for patients who have swollen, inflamed gingiva, generalized suprabony pockets, and moderate to severe bleeding on probing. Should not be reported in conjunction with prophylaxis, scaling and root planing, or debridement procedures.

How do I use this code?

The ADA Guide to Reporting D4346 is an excellent resource on how to implement the new code. The document references the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) definition of chronic gingivitis to be when 30% or more of the patient's teeth or sites are involved.

Both the ADA and the ADHA offer webinars on how to effectively use the new code.

Preventing Gingivitis

The new D4346 code is a much needed tool to help effectively treat moderate to severe gingivitis. But patients need the right self-care tools to use at home to help keep gingivitis from re-occurring. The Waterpik® Water Flosser is both easy to use and has been shown to be significantly more effective than string floss at reducing bleeding and gingival inflammation.


Click here to access clinical research


Win by Ho sting a Lunch and Learn

What's the best way to learn about the ADA Accepted Waterpik(R) Water Flosser and get a free display unit for your office? By hosting a Lunch and Learn. Click here to submit a request to have a Lunch and Learn in your office by June 1, and your office will be entered to win a Waterpik(R) Aquarius(R) Designer Series Water Flosser.

Already had a Lunch and Learn? If it's been more than one year, you are eligible for a new one.


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Brushing with Colgate

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Colgate® a national strategic partner of the American Diabetes Association.


* Results improve with continued twice daily use, as shown in 6 month clinical studies of the general population.

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Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders With Loupes
By JoNell Bly, RDH, BS

Significant evidence suggests that dental hygienists face a high probability of developing a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) related to their work. A literature review indicated that the prevalence of MSDs in dental hygienists is as high as 93%, with pain occurring most frequently in the neck, shoulders, hands, and wrists.1 Much ergonomic research has focused on preventive strategies—such as loupes—that may help reduce the effects of the physical demands of patient care.

Maintaining a neutral posture for the majority of the workday is key to reducing work-related pain.2 Studies have shown that dental hygiene students wearing magnification loupes experienced improved posture and positioning while performing clinical duties.3–5 Another study found that clinicians working with neck flexion over 20° for 70% of their workday were at an increased risk of neck pain.6 Wearing loupes with the correct declination angle places the clinician’s head at an appropriate tilt for ergonomic health, reducing the risk of work-related pain. Other authors have reported a correlation between dental hygienists’ use of magnification systems and a reduced incidence of MSD pain.7,8 Today, loupes are available in small, light frames with high-quality magnification lenses and a variety of declination angles. These improvements provide clinicians with additional significant ergonomic benefits.

♦  Orascoptic works to empower dental hygienists and therapists with the proper tools to promote a long and healthy career. Focusing on advanced product performance and clinician-first features, we have developed a complete line of dental hygiene loupes, surgical headlights, safety eyewear, and ergonomic seating.

Often clinicians do not seek professional help for MSDs until the pain becomes so severe that it impedes their ability to work. A case study account dealing with practicing dental hygienists experiencing MSD symptoms indicated the clinicians reported lower levels of pain when they incorporated a variety of ergonomic strategies into their workday.9 These case studies highlight the multifactorial solutions that are necessary when confronting the issue of musculoskeletal pain. This was further emphasized in a study that demonstrated dental students using a combination of loupes and ergonomic saddle chairs had significantly better posture than students in traditional dental seating without magnification.10

In order to achieve the optimal results from magnification, clinicians must research various types of loupes and have proper measurements taken for a custom fit. Improperly fitting loupes may actually exacerbate work injuries.7,11 When purchasing loupes, clinicians should consider their height and build, facial features, vision requirements, and working posture. Seeking professional consultation with a highly regarded loupes manufacturer will help to ensure selection of the correct magnification lens.

In conclusion, the use of loupes can improve the ergonomics of dental hygiene practice and help clinicians avoid debilitating injuries. Purchasing loupes from a trusted source who offers a generous trial period and product support is essential to the successful incorporation of loupes into the practice of dental hygiene.


  1. Hayes M, Smith DR, Cockrell D. An international review of musculoskeletal disorders in the dental hygiene profession. Int Dent J. 2010;60:343–352.
  2. Valachi B, Valachi K. Preventing musculoskeletal disorders in clinical dentistry: strategies to address the mechanisms leading to musculoskeletal disorders. J Am Dent Assoc. 2003;134:1604–1612.
  3. Branson BG, Black MA, Simmer-Beck M, Changes in posture: a case study of a dental hygienist’s use of magnification loupes. Work. 2010;35:467–476.
  4. Branson BG, Bray KK, Gadbury-Amyot C, et al. Effect of magnification lenses on student operator posture. J Dent Educ. 2004;68:384–389.
  5. Maillet JP, Millar AM, Burke JM, Maillet MA, Maillet WA, Neish NR. Effect of magnification loupes on dental hygiene student posture. J Dent Educ. 2008;72:33–44.
  6. Ariens GA, Bongers PM, Douwes M, et al. Are neck flexion, neck rotation, and sitting at work risk factors for neck pain? Results of a prospective cohort study. Occup Environ Med. 2001;58:200–207.
  7. Sunell S, Rucker L. Surgical magnification in dental hygiene practice. Int J Dent Hygiene 2004;2:26–35.
  8. Hayes MJ, Taylor JA, Smith DR. Predictors of work-related musculoskeletal disorders among dental hygienists. Int J Dent Hygiene. 2012;10:265–269.
  9. Atwood Sanders M, Michalak Turcotte C. Strategies to reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders in dental hygienists: two case studies. J Hand Ther. 2002;15:363–374.
  10. Dable RA, Wasnik PB, Yeshwante BJ, Musani SI, Patil AK, Nagmode SN. Postural assessment of students evaluating the need of ergonomic seat and magnification in dentistry. J Indian Prosthodont Soc. 2014;14:51–58.
  11. Valachi B. Magnification in dentistry: how ergonomic features impact your health. Dent Today. 2009;28:132–137.

- Copyright © 2016 Belmont Publications, Inc., All rights reserved.



Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions and makers of the popular Microflex® and MICRO-TOUCH® examination gloves is excited to announce the launch of its MICRO-TOUCH® DENTA-GLOVE®
SERIES, a highly-diversified portfolio of dental examination gloves that simply outperform the competition.

MICRO-TOUCH DENTA-GLOVE is the first series of examination gloves developed specifically for the needs of dental professionals. All products in this series are certified for use in oral examinations for patient safety and peace of mind and are designed with the most advanced film technologies to meet the unique and demanding needs of the dental profession.

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SurgiTel’s Ergonomic TTL loupes feature a truly custom declination angle. They have alleviated or eliminated major neck pain for clinicians around the world. SurgiTel’s numerous ergonomic patents guarantee you will not find loupes like these anywhere else. Contact us today to find your relief!

SurgiTel’s Ergonomic FLM loupes feature a lightweight design with a fully customizable declination angle. Since the early 90s they have alleviated or eliminated major neck pain for clinicians around the world. SurgiTel’s numerous patents guarantee you will not find loupes like these anywhere else. Contact us today to find your relief!

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Bring an inexpensive and efficient product like Mr. Thirsty One-Step into your dental practice and experience a hands-free isolation device that retracts, isolates, and evacuates! Connects directly to HVE.

  1. 5 Pedo/Small Adult mr. thirsty one-step
  2. 5 Medium/Large mr. thirsty one-step
  3. Not made with natural rubber latex

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360 Face Mask

  1. Revolutionary 360 design
  2. Non-Woven Anti-Fog Cushion
  3. Revolutionary Cool Silk lint-free layer
  4. Available in size Small & Regular
  5. Fluid Resistance HydroGuard

  1. Eliminates gapping for complete full coverage protection
  2. Absorbing fog & sweat
  3. Cool and long lasting soft feeling without fluffy irritation
  4. Tailored sizes to fit difference face shapes
  5. Available in ASTM Level 3 for Maximum fluid protection @160mmHg

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The Gum Health Physical (GHP)

See the benefits of using the Gum Health Physical

The Gum Health Physical (GHP) is a NEW, easy-to-use, free digital tool that helps you create a report of your recommendations that patients can use at home.

Log-in to improve your GHP experience:
  • •  Personalize your patients' reports with your practice information
  • •  Become eligible to receive a GHP Rewards Kit*

* While supplies last.

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Your Rewards Kit will be automatically sent to you after you log in and begin using the tool. Supplies are limited so don't delay!

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Hear what your COHA colleagues are saying about the benefits of Gum Health Physical with their patients.  Click Here

COHA Offer

Exclusive COHA offers to encourage gum health

Exclusive COHA offers to encourage gum health Order your free Gum Health Chairside Aid Help start the gum health conversation with this Gum Health Flip Chart. A new chairside tool illustrating probing depths and gum disease progression.

Colgate Offer

  [Click image]
Order Free Colgate Total Sample

**Offer Details:
2,500 cases of Colgate Total® available while supplies last. One offer per COHA. Login Required

*Reduces bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums; helps reduce/prevent plaque that leads to gingivitis; fortifies enamel. Not intended for prevention or treatment of more serious oral conditions. Use as directed.
†Statistically significant greater reduction of cultivable anaerobic bacteria in salive and tongue, teeth, and cheeks with Colgate Total® vs non-antibacterial fluoride toothpaste.
Reference: 1. Fine DH, Sreenivasan PK, McKiernan M, et al. J Clin Periodontol. 2012;39:1056-1064.

Patients with diabetes have a 2x greater risk of developing gum disease. Recommend Colgate Total® specially formulated for gum health. It’s the only toothpaste that is a national strategic partner of the American Diabetes Association.

**Offer Details:
1,500 bundles of 50 pamphlets available to COHAs while supplies last.  One offer per COHA.

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Articles to support your professional
and personal needs

(updated 11/6/2017)


click news link above to read addtional articles ]

[POSTED: October 27, 2017]  Explain Children's Dental Health to Parents With These 3 Tips
- Author: Susanna Scherer RDH

During the school year, many families are settled into routines. While parents are busy scheduling soccer practices, music lessons and art classes, they are also likely to make time to focus on their children's dental health. Here are some tips to prepare dental hygienists to talk to parents about their children's dental health.

[POSTED: October 20, 2017]  Building Your Savings: An Age-by-Age Guide
- Author: Leah Ingram

Growing your savings over the years is important. This article will discuss how savings in different age ranges that may help you hit your retirement goals.

[POSTED: October 13, 2017]  Temp Hygienist Tips: How to Take Care of a Coworker's Patient
- Author: Jen Collins,RDH

Taking care of someone else's patient isn't easy. How do you explain to patients that you're a temp hygienist and assure them that they'll get the same, great care? What if patients are critical of your technique? Check out these tips to succeed when you're filling in for someone else.

[POSTED: October 6, 2017]  Preventing Periodontitis: Educating Your Patients on Gum Health With GHP
- Author: Mandy Dennis, RDH

Dental hygienists may get caught up in a routine of seeing patients and explaining concepts. Now is the time to switch up your routine and adopt tools beyond a hand mirror to explain oral health to patients. Gum Health Physical allows you to tailor care and recommendations to each person and provides them with a reminder they can take home.

[POSTED: September 29, 2017]  Managing Tooth Sensitivity in the Office and at Home
- Author: Susanna Scherer RDH

If patients report that they are experiencing tooth sensitivity, we begin a process to determine the cause of the sensitivity. When we rule out dental caries or a different problem during the differential diagnosis, it is usually determined that the patient is experiencing dentin hypersensitivity. By treating the patient in the office we can offer instant relief from sensitivity, making our job easier. Recommending products that the patient can use at home will allow continued relief from dentin hypersensitivity.

Accutron is offering free nasal mask samples. The company also wants to hear from YOU. If you have a request, would like additional information, or would like to request a free nasal mask sample, please take a few seconds to complete and submit the informational form click here.


THANK YOU to all our sponsors and supporters who have helped and continue to help TRI-COUNTY DENTAL HYGIENESTS' SOCIETY of the INLAND EMPIRE instill "great hygiene health" in our community we serve. Your contributions, small and large have sent a clear message, hygiene health is IMPORTANT, VALUED, and CARED for members of community. We are grateful for the interest from the community and know you have made a difference. Every gift, no matter the size, has a real impact on our ability to care out our mission. It also provides us the opportunity to let others know the value of proper preventative care.

Again Thank you.